A fit leader is a better leader… infused with more energy, productivity, confidence, creativity, mental agility, and endurance. A strong leader must maintain mental and physical wellness in order to effectively drive the organization forward and inspire the team.”

~ Brent Gleeson, Forbes 10/22/12.


Through her passion for fitness and wellness, Dr. Jackson leads a  wellness series that speaks to the whole person- mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Through weekly Walking and Running Clubs, a Fitness Blog on Facebook, and a running club, Team Chayil, she challenges leaders to get off the diet roller coaster and connect with the reason “why” they deserve a life of abundance, instead of focusing on the often overwhelming  “what” behind healthy or unhealthy choices. She invites leaders to take the call to live vibrant, full lives…  in every area of life, by connecting with their purpose and wellness goals.