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The Flip-side of Adversity: Self Care

~The Flip-side of Adversity: The Art of Self Care~ Resilience Webster’s dictionary defines resilience as: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties the strength of an individual in the face of challenges or even setbacks In essence, it is all about our ability to “bounce back” or keep moving forward, despite the obstacles we may face. As leaders are shaped, the requirement for resiliency … Read More The Flip-side of Adversity: Self Care


The Flipside of Adversity: Overcoming

~The Flipside of Adversity: Overcoming~ Let’s take the time to have a real moment – adversity is not a word that makes us feel good.  As a matter of fact, it can be quite frightening and, at times, extremely overwhelming.  Our hardships allow us to learn to appreciate how instrumental they are in relation to our perspective on the flipside of adversity – looking … Read More The Flipside of Adversity: Overcoming


The Flip-Side of Adversity

Facing Adversity A boss once informed me that if I could not adjust my thinking and comply with the demands, I could, “get the hell out of their facility.” Shocked, my jaw dropped, simply due to the unforeseen turn the conversation had taken. For a moment, I considered whether to park my principles of professionalism and share “my” own personal feelings of the anger … Read More The Flip-Side of Adversity